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Why bother removing Tree Stumps?

Rotting Tree Stumps are not a pretty sight.  They can take up valuable space and create a bad first impression to your property and even lower the value of it. There are several other reasons why it makes sense to remove Tree Stumps:


One of the main reasons for cutting trees down is because they are diseased. Honey fungus is the common name of several species of fungi within the genus Armillaria. Honey fungus spreads underground, attacking and killing the roots of perennial plants and then decaying the dead wood. It is the most destructive fungal disease in UK gardens.

Complete removal of the rotting wood removes the problem.

Stumps can create potentially dangerous trip hazards or obstacles and are responsible for expensive damage to numerous lawn mowers!

Roots may have already damaged paths, pipework,  driveways and foundations, and may continue to grow even though the tree has been cut down.

Cutting a tree down doesn't always kill it. You may experience re-growth or 'suckering' from the remaining stump.

There are chemicals on the market which can be used to kill the stump, but the stump will still remain. Removal of the stump and root plate is the only sure way to kill it.

Rotting wood attracts insect nests such as hornets, wasps and ants. Sadly, they don't just live in the stump and may soon find their way into your property!

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