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How do we do it?

Such machines can be hired, but they tend to be less powerful and less effective. They can also be extremely hazardous to inexperienced or untrained operators!

Efficient and safe stump grinding requires a skilled operator using specialist techniques combined with the relevant safety equipment.

Stump Grinders are powerful machines that mechanically grind out the main root plate, turning it into harmless sawdust and fine wood chip which can either be disposed of as mulch, or even used to re-fill the hole.


Digging or winching stumps out creates a large amount of ground disturbance as it rips the entire root system out which is generally uneccessary. It also leaves you with a large intact tree stump with roots to dispose of!

Shallow grinding 15-20cm is normally sufficient for laying turf, but deeper grinding 30cm or deeper may be required for replanting, building or landscaping.

We have a variety of machines, each suited to particular tasks. Larger stumps generally require a larger more powerful machine. However, this is not always possible due to access restrictions.

We also have smaller narrow access machines which are still very capable and can tackle the lagest of stumps. They just take a little longer!

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We even have smaller 'man portable' grinders which can be carried through a building or used on steep banks or raised beds.  These machines are also very good for tight spots next to obstacles such as buildings.

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